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Accessibility Policy

(1)  About (SAKAB) Electronic Site:

As set forth by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia's vision in the field of the electronic governmental tranactions, the intent is to enable all to use effective, safe and easy services through a   

variety of channels.

     The Equestrian Club developed the electronic site (SAKAB) whereby all clients, partners, visitors and citizens from everywhere enter into all the various services offered by the club easily and in high efficiency (SAKAB) is a complete electronic comprehensive stage of services intending to enhance capability of the services offered by the club to all recipients: (Owners, trainers, jockeys, club members and employees). In addition to electronic services, (SAKAB) enables the recipient clients or visitors to be in touch with the services or applications of (Business Intelligence) which aims at facilitating for the recipient clients to approach all reports concerning them in the general speed races regarding performance of horse, trainer or jockey, as well as race details. This will contribute to raising the level of horse racing efficiency (SAKAB) also acts as an important informational gate for publishing news and reports about hors races and the various Equestrian Club activities.

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(3)  Usage Rules and Conditions:  (Refer to attachment).

(4)  Clients Treaty:  (Refer to attachment).

(5)  Contents Policy: 

      The Equestrian Club will offer three (SAKAB) compslete and comprehensive electronic services to all recipients who need to use there electronic transactions. So, the use of (SAKAB) of the ECR requires your obligation to avoid the following practices:

- Loading of files including programs or date a that are not your property or you are not authorized to use.

- Usage of this site for sending commercial or undesirable mail, or any misuse of ECR site.

- Loading any files containing viroses or void material.

- Publishing or circulating any material containing unauthorized, disgraceful or illegal information thru ECR site.

- Participating there ECR (SAKAB) in practices that are illegal in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Advertising any product or service, which renders ECR breacher of any law applied in any field.

- Using any meanse or program or procedure counter act the proper operation of the ECR (SAKAB).

- To take any action that would impose an inappropriate load on the infrastructure of (SAKAB).

- Visitor's entry to this site will be considered as initial acceptance of these onditions.

- Users of the ECR (SAKAB) site should report any shortcoming, mistake or problims facing operation of (SAKAB) while operating.

- This agreement shall be effective as of the use there of by vitors and users and as long as they are using the ECR (SAKAB).