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Customer Charter

Clients Treaty:

The ECR undertook a persistent policy of developing and upraising speed horse racing sport. One of the most significant promotional means was to make use of technology as a priority that can not be ignored by any modern structure. It is this concept that drove the ECR to Consider the importance of electronic site in the course of electronical move initiated by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as of the last and current decade. Establishment of the ECR electronic gate is targeting to offer the best possible services according to the international quality criteria. ECR, therefore, is acting bas an effective channel of services, thru this gate, to Riyadh public regarding Riyadh speed horse races in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The strategic Vision, mission and targets of (SAKAB) can be listed as follows:


To realize regional and international precedence in delivering out electronic services in the field of horseracing activities in the kingdom to recipients and fans.


  The ECR (SAKAB) endeavors to raise efficiency of horseracing in the kingdom and offering high Standard service to recipients as per the standard international criteria.


1-  Shifting to an effective and complete electronic environment in managing speed horseracing in the kingdom.

2-  Growing additive value in arranging horse races thru serving intelligence product to recipients.

3-  Building up various contact channels with the horserace loving public, locally and internationally, thru professional media about the sport news, reports and functions.

4-  Continues developing of the site contents according to the highest efficiency criteria.

Strategic End Targets:

1-  Raising efficiency of horseracing in the Kingdom thru intelligent feeding of in formations to recipients.

2-  Making the ECR (SAKAB) basic reference of the club without the need to personally come for following up or finalizing services or transactions.

3-  To become connecting link among all parties involved in arranging speed horse races in the kingdom.

4- To Cope with the latest technology in displaying contents of the site, which ensures continuous transaction of recipients with the site.

5- Achieving the highest possible contact of the public with the various services of the site at a standard level.

6-  Offering unique and distinctive pattern of governmental technological transactions.   


1-  Horse owners.

2-  Trainers.

3-  Jockeys.

4-  Members.

5-  The Public.

6-  ECR staff.

7-  Horserace Arranging Committees.

8-  Tracks.

9-   Sponsors.

Our Obligations:

1-    To provide swift and continued technical support to our clients in a way that guarantees their utmost use of the site and services offered thereby.

2-    Offering all services and contents in an easy way as professionally followed in this field. 

3-    Keeping personal privacy and confidentiality of informations as a priority in developing (SAKAB).  

4-   Commitment to offer correct informations which are continuously updated.  

5-   Commitment to guarantee the highest level of flow of technological services offered thru this site.

6-    Commitment to process and answer all complaints and Suggestions sent thru (SAKAB).

7-    To keep contacts and interactions with the clients thru numerous instruments to guarantee the offered services.

Clients Obligations:

1-    To abide by (SAKAB) using conditions, Among the clients responsibilies is to be conversant with these rules and conditions and stick thereto. 

2-    To interact with (SAKAB) and contribute to enhancing its efficiency thru effective continuous participation.

3-    To submit suggestions and inquires so to act as the main support to ECR in its activities.