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Privacy Policy

The Riyadh Equestrian Club is under obligation to protect all (SAKAB) electronical site users and undertakes to keep confidentiality of sensitive informations. Privacy policy is considered part of the ECR electronic site using conditions as per the following rules:

  1. (SAKAB) will not Collect personal or public informations about the site visitors or clients but it only processes transactions of requesting the site services. So, your use of (SAKAB) implies your acceptance of the conditions of this policy of privacy.
  2. The ECR shall have the right of making any revision, amendment or change, slight or radical, in the privacy policy terms from time to time as required for the general interest without notifying the clients and visitors. So, your continuous use of (SAKAB) means your acceptance of such amendments and changes.
  3. The ECR is committed to follow the best professional practices and criteria of strictly securing the general informations. Personal details will not be accessible except to authorized officials only who need to cognize these details and undertake to keep confidentiality of these informations as per the rules in practice in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  4. Every user of (SAKAB) shall have the right of checking, amending or correcting his personal informations on the link: user can also request amending his personal informations by sending E. mail to::
  5. These privacy terms and conditions apply to (SAKAB). In case a user shifts to another site thru the available links, he is to read the terms and conditions concerning these sites to determine the overthere approved informations, security and privacy policy practices.
  6. The ECR implements accurate procedures to keep privacy of the clients and visitor's informations processed thru (SAKAB). yet, ECR is not responsible for any adversity or disclosure of confidentiality of informations as a result of direct or indirect negligence of clients or users.
  7. Laws of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia only are the laws and rules to be applied in any discrepancies or issues that may arise due to infringe of privacy and confidentiality of user's and client informations. Courts of the kingdom are especially concerned to look into these issues.