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Rules and Conditions of using (SAKAB)

Material means documents, data, informations, links, marks, logo, drawing, photos, sounds, audio pieces and all electronic texts and contents in their different forms as included in (SAKAB) of the ECR or incoming from different locations, electronic or otherwise.

Services mean all transactions and administrative procedures of ECR.

All materials included in (SAKAB) or provided by ECR for noncommercial and personal use by ECR clients and public: therefore, you will be considered accepted all these rules and conditions of this site you may refuse using this site ECR shall have the right of changing these rules, conditions and materials of this site any time.

your entry and use of this site (SAKAB) means acceptance of the rules and conditions there of in addition to the kingdom laws whether you are a registered user or not.

1- Site:

            The site (SAKAB) provides for the materials and services connected to ECR in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia concerning the speed horse racing.

2- Marks and logos:

            All marks and logos contained in the site concerning ECR, or any governmental or commercial trade marks allowable for use by ECR, as well as related intellectual property, shall be protected against copying by local and international laws. Therefore, such items should not be reissued or copied without getting in advance a written approval of ECR.

3- Copying and Printing Right:

            All materials are either stocky properties of ECR, or allowed to be used thereby. Everything else is detailed in these rules and conditions they are not to be used, reproducted or displayed in any way except upon getting a written approval of ECR. Also deriving or marketing any material or service from this site by a third party will be subject to the rules and conditions of that third party.

4- Use:

            ECR Site (SAKAB) is designated for personal non-commercial use. so, any material may be loaded particularity for this purpose, where: as this right of using is not an authorisation of ownership and will be under the following restrictions:

     -      Restriction of using the site materials for any commercial, display, sale or rent.

     -      Cancellation or coppying any material under right of prining or any other      informations subject to copyright.

     -      Passing of materials another party.

     -      Interference in the programs in any way.

     -      Every one loading, reproducing or using the materials must do so in a way    that prevents unauthorized use.

5- Disposal:

            You agree to use the site for legal purposes only. So, you are completely cognizant of all laws and rules governing the use of the site. By entering into the site, you agree to refrain from the following:

     -      using the site to commit criminal action, or to encourage others to        involve in any activity deemed a civil crime under the local or international laws.

     -      Entry or publication of illegal contents such as discrimination, hatred, defaming or pornography.

     -      Using assumed name of other perosons or parties.

     -      Loading, entering or sending of materials that you are not authorized to         release under any law or contractual considerations.

     -      Changing, destroying or scratching out any of the site contents.

     -      Hindering the normal communication lines in any way.

     -      Allegation of connection with or representation of any company or society or body without being authorized to do so.

     -      Publication of any advertisement for promotion.

     -      Publication of any material negating or crossing other's copyright.

     -      Compiling and storing up personal data of others.

6- Materials: (Subjects)

            Where a ECR is keen about having the subjects offered by the site are perfect and authorized, some mistakes or neglegence may happen. Therefore, ECR, to sone locally or internationaly allowable limits, will not give any clear or underlying guarantee of amy sort in connection to the site or any other related site. Therefore, you agree that all informations received or rechable in the site are general informations and not directives or instructions or advises. You are to shoulder all responsibilities of using or depending on the subjects stored in the site, or any other subject reached thru the site. ECR will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting of any procedure taken by you thru the site. ECR may, from time to time, update, amend, add or change the site subjects, in duding these conditions and rules without nolifiying the previous or present or possible users of the site. Unless otherwise advised, all new subjects will be subject to rules and conditions. ECR does not guarantee that the site shall be continuously operable without cessation or free of shortcoming. ECR will also not stop the site or part there of any time without carrying any responsibility for any resulting loss.

7- Services and Transactions:

            All services and transactions in the ECR. site (SAKAB) may be subject to certain rules and conditions. The ECR shall have the right to decide and formulate the rules and conditions of every service Separately including refusal of the service or enforcing financil charges for these services, or once when registering in the site services.

8- Warning:

            You must ensure that your entry to the ECR (SAKAB) site is legal and not baned under the kingdom laws and jurisdictions, and take care to avoid any kind of unsafe computer programs that damage your personal computer. You are fully responsible for the soundnes and perfection of any data you send to ECR. These data should also be free of any detrimental matarial of all kind which may damage the ECR information and communication technology.

9- Connected Sites:

            The ECR eletcrnic site (SAKAB) may be connected to other sites. this is for facilitating purpose only or special reasons of ECR. They may not remain valid or could not receive maintenance. You agree and admit that ECR has no control over the contents of these connected sites and under responsibility for any practices of privacy there of. Connection with these sites should be taken as approval of the materials, subjects or services of these connected sites unless otherwise clearly stated.

10- Security and confidentiality:

            Elecronic conveyance of data in its various kind and forms, including internet is a general communication means and not private. So, any related informations will be either general or belong to those who collect them and not private or personal, ECR will not guarantee and cannot ensure security or confidentiality of any data you send to ECR thru any data carrier including internet. Based on that, any informations you convey to ECR will be under your responsibility. 

11- Cutting off:

            In case you breach any of these conditions, your reach to the site will be cut off immediately by ECR without any notice. ECR may also terminate or ban your reach to the site any time without notice.

12- General Items:

            ECR shall not accept liability of failure to abide by these terms and conditions in case such failure is out of control of the ECR Administration, or due to circumstances beyond ECR control. If ECR assigns his legal rights, under these rules and conditions, to another party, on a certain occaision, this should not mean spontaneous assignment on any other occatsions to other parties. If any of these rules and conditions became invalid, not practical, or illegal for any reason, the other rules and conditions will remain effective. You will be responsible foe all charges, costs and assesments arising from use of the site.  

13- Security:

            If you are provided with a user's name and pass-word, these will be anly for your practice and you must not release them to any other party to keep serecy thereof. You accept your liability for any activity happening under your account and pass-word. You are waned not to expose any confidential date provided to you thru ECR site to any party or enable other parties to handle them, in which case you are to meet all legal liabilities therefore. 

14- Warning:

            It is allowable to send all the warnings and other legal correspondence or requites according to the items of this agreement thru electronic email, or publishing at the site or any means ECR considered. Therefore the warnings have been received by you, with out any legality responsibility towards the ECR.     

15- Stating Release of Responsibility:

            ECR shall not be, under any circumstances, responsible for any losses or damages met by you as a result of your usage of the site or any other connected site, or your depending on the site materials or any other materials you acquired thru the site or a connected site.

 16- Valid Law:

            These rules and conditions are subject to the rules and legislations in use in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.